Nov 15 2011

10.08.2011 – 10.12.2011: Darwin’s + Hijacking Festival + Nik’s

Little G Weevil – 10.08.2011 @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues. Little G is not just a musician, he’s an entertainer! G knows how to put on a good show and make sure everyone in the room is having a good time. Every week G has been bringing up a new guest, and this week we got 3! Ana Howells, Danny Vinson, and Beau Hall!

Ana and G Weevil @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

Ana and G Weevil @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

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Oct 16 2011

10.15.2011 BeAtlanta House Party of Horrors

Opposing Suns – I should’ve known, BeAtlanta’s shows have NEVER started on time. I thought it might be different this time now that they actually put up a band schedule on the flyer, website, Facebook page… Nope, they started 1.5 hours later than scheduled.

I got there at 8 and hung out with Waking the Bates and Novakord for a couple hours until the music started.

Johnny Cunningham of Novakord

Wes Daniel of Novakord

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Aug 29 2011

Nophest 08.27.2011

Nophest was a 3 day music festival in East Atlanta village. I made it out Saturday to go see Toy Devils and Sneaky Hand. I caught Signs of Iris from Greenville and another 2-piece set named S&M in between sets.

My day started out at Eastside Lounge with Toy Devils. I’ve always been a fan of Eastside Lounge. Before I was shooting concerts, I was shooting artists. Two were some friends of mine who did most of the murals at ESL. You can check out some more of their work at

Toy Devils put on a loud, energetic show as always. I loved it! Apparently the furniture store neighbors weren’t used to having musical acts on during the daytime and pitched a big hissy fit. The owner ended up blocking off Eastside Lounge with his truck and put signs up complaining about the “noise”.

Toy Devils @ Eastside Lounge

Beaker of Toy Devils

Matt of Toy Devils

Foster of Toy Devils

Beaker of Toy Devils

Winchester of Toy Devils

Toy Devils: Assholes @ Eastside Lounge

After Aaron, the owner of ESL calmed him down, the music continued. Signs of Iris was pretty good, although I was a little disappointed to hear 2 cover songs in their short set.

Signs of Iris @ Eastside Lounge

Signs of Iris @ Eastside Lounge

Signs of Iris @ Eastside Lounge

Signs of Iris @ Eastside Lounge

Signs of Iris @ Eastside Lounge

S&M was an interesting 2-piece featuring a guy on bass and loop pedals, and an operatic singer also on keyboard. It sounded very new-age/world music-ish.

S&M @ Eastside Lounge

S&M @ Eastside Lounge

S&M @ Eastside Lounge

We finished up our drinks and headed out in search of food. We ended up throwing darts at Gravity Pub. Running short on time, I decided to just grab a burger while we were there. Holy shit! They brought out this huge, greasy 1/2lb patty topped with giant onion rings and bacon. I took a quick picture and proceeded to tackle this beast. Not too bad, but it was so heavy and greasy I couldn’t finish it. I wasn’t disappointed, but I wouldn’t go out of my way for it.

Big Bad & Tasty Burger @ Gravity Pub

We finally headed towards Sneaky Hand. I forgot to check the schedule so we automatically headed to 529, which wasn’t open yet. I could hear Sneaky Hand echoing through the streets of East Atlanta, they had to be near someplace! We pull up the internets and find our way to Joe’s Coffee where the band is playing in the back courtyard. I love me some Sneaky Hand, but it was a little odd to see them play at a coffee shop.

Sneaky Hand @ Joe’s Coffee

M@ and Russ of Sneaky Hand

Matt and Duke of Sneaky Hand

Matt of Sneaky Hand

Russ of Sneaky Hand

M@ sings into the camera of Sneaky Hand

Kamil and Matt of Sneaky Hand

Kamil of Sneaky Hand

Toy Devils watching Sneaky Hand @ Joe’s Coffee

M@ and Russ of Sneaky Hand

Jul 12 2011

07.09.2011 BeAtlanta House Show (Pt 2.)

On Saturday, 15 bands came together to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of 15 Bands, 2 stages, 1 house. What a turnout! There were several hundred people there throughout the day, not to mention other bands that showed up just to watch. I showed up about 6 o’clock, and once again Jungol packed the house once they hit the stage!

Part 1 Lineup:
The Music Box (Canada)
Hip to Death
What Happened To Your Fire, Tiger?

Part 2 Lineup:
Sneaky Hand
Cusses (Savannah)

Sneaky hand is one of my favorite bands to shoot. They’ve always got so much energy on stage! It’s a trip trying to follow Lead singer M@’s antics, and it’s always good to turn the camera on fellow photographer Kamil, co-owner of Pantauphoto.

Sneaky Hand.

M@ of Sneaky Hand

Kamil of Sneaky Hand & Pantauphoto

Trey and Russ of Sneaky Hand

Sneaky Hand

Dancing in the Audience. M@ dances with Rachel of Disapyramids.

Ah, it’s cold! Bob of Swank Sinatra shows some Sneaky love.

I LOVE YOU! Bob of Swank Sinatra shows some Sneaky love.

M@ of Sneaky Hand.

Trey of Sneaky Hand.

M@ and Trey of Sneaky Hand.

Sneaky Hand finishes up.

Hug it out bitches. Bob congratulates Kamil on a great set.

Fireworks in the street!

I knew Cusses was going to be good when my buddy Drew Longino of Winter Ransom started drooling over them when they showed up. Wow, what a show! I was not expecting the bar to be raised with every band that hit the stage. I got some of the best shots of the night with them!


Angel and Bryan of Cusses

Angel of Cusses

Brian of Cusses

Angel of Cusses. *Favorite shot of the night!*

Angel of Cusses

Brian of Cusses

I had to leave the party to meet Darkwater Rising who were in town, so I missed The Charges. We ended up missing their set as well to see Cusses, but we did however, talk Dark Water Rising to coming out to the house party after they finished up.

Yo. Josh of Jungol and Drew of Winter Ransom.

Ffff. M@ of Sneaky Hand and Homer of FYN.

Darkwater Rising + Homer

In Homer’s Dreams. Homer of FYN + Charly of Darkwater Rising

Jungol was phenomenal as usual! It was hard to get shots this time, the only lights in the room were coming off the LCD panels on their keyboards. At this point my flash was long dead, so I had to use the on-camera flash, blinding everyone in the room every time it went off. I think Josh started closing his eyes because of my flash, sorry Josh! After a few songs I was tired, hot, covered in spilled beer, and pissing off the dancing naked gentlemen behind me…so I tapped out and sat back to enjoy the rest of the show.

Graham of Jungol

Josh of Jungol


Josh of Jungol

Josh of Jungol

Jason of Jungol

Yoder Twins Activate! Jungol draws a crowd.