Nov 25 2014

10.31.2014 Bird Mountain Halloween

I had a blast helping out with the Halloween Event at The Goat Farm Arts Center this year! I helped plan, build, and film Jungol’s newest art project called, “Bird Mountain”.

Jungol | Bird Mountain | shot by Raymond Chang

Nov 23 2014

2014 Demo Reel

I’ve been doing motion graphics and videography this past year, check out my demo reel!

Raymond Chang 2014 Demo Reel.

Nov 13 2014

11.13.2014 Dancing in the Crossroads Poster

Poster design for upcoming indie Documentary by Brian Armstrong: Dancing in the Crossroads.

Dancing in the Crossroads Poster

Nov 8 2014

11.08.2014 Contraption Music Video

I spent one evening testing out my GoPro with a helmet mount, I liked the shots so much I decided to play around with editing to my friend’s old band: Contraption.

I present what resulted as an unofficial music video for an old forgotten Atlanta band.

Contraption – Wet Dream (unofficial music video)

Oct 11 2014

10.11.2014 Drones Poster

I came up with this idea randomly one night and my roommate convinced me to create it. It took a few weeks, but hopefully some people will get a laugh out of it!

Drones Poster

Jul 1 2014

07.01.2014 Hey!Alligator CD Case

Photo shoot and Jewel case insert design for local Atlanta band Hey!Alligator.

Hey!Alligator CD

Apr 19 2014

04.19.2014 Jungol Light Painting

I got invited to one of Jungol’s rehearsals to shoot some promo shots for an upcoming project. We ended up doing a light painting that became their official press release!





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Dec 19 2013

12.19.2013 For Home and Country

Poster and DVD case design for local independent documentary: For Home and Country.

For Home and Country DVD Case

Jul 1 2013

07.01.2013 Homer and the Crazies

Poster design for local Atlanta band.

Homer and the Crazies Poster

Feb 14 2013

02.13.2013 Kaitlin Light Painting

Kaitlin This picture is SOOC (Straight out of the Camera) No Photoshop tricks.