Jul 12 2011

07.09.2011 BeAtlanta House Show (Pt 2.)

On Saturday, 15 bands came together to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of BeAtlanta.com. 15 Bands, 2 stages, 1 house. What a turnout! There were several hundred people there throughout the day, not to mention other bands that showed up just to watch. I showed up about 6 o’clock, and once again Jungol packed the house once they hit the stage!

Part 1 Lineup:
The Music Box (Canada)
Hip to Death
What Happened To Your Fire, Tiger?

Part 2 Lineup:
Sneaky Hand
Cusses (Savannah)

Sneaky hand is one of my favorite bands to shoot. They’ve always got so much energy on stage! It’s a trip trying to follow Lead singer M@’s antics, and it’s always good to turn the camera on fellow photographer Kamil, co-owner of Pantauphoto.

Sneaky Hand.

M@ of Sneaky Hand

Kamil of Sneaky Hand & Pantauphoto

Trey and Russ of Sneaky Hand

Sneaky Hand

Dancing in the Audience. M@ dances with Rachel of Disapyramids.

Ah, it’s cold! Bob of Swank Sinatra shows some Sneaky love.

I LOVE YOU! Bob of Swank Sinatra shows some Sneaky love.

M@ of Sneaky Hand.

Trey of Sneaky Hand.

M@ and Trey of Sneaky Hand.

Sneaky Hand finishes up.

Hug it out bitches. Bob congratulates Kamil on a great set.

Fireworks in the street!

I knew Cusses was going to be good when my buddy Drew Longino of Winter Ransom started drooling over them when they showed up. Wow, what a show! I was not expecting the bar to be raised with every band that hit the stage. I got some of the best shots of the night with them!


Angel and Bryan of Cusses

Angel of Cusses

Brian of Cusses

Angel of Cusses. *Favorite shot of the night!*

Angel of Cusses

Brian of Cusses

I had to leave the party to meet Darkwater Rising who were in town, so I missed The Charges. We ended up missing their set as well to see Cusses, but we did however, talk Dark Water Rising to coming out to the house party after they finished up.

Yo. Josh of Jungol and Drew of Winter Ransom.

Ffff. M@ of Sneaky Hand and Homer of FYN.

Darkwater Rising + Homer

In Homer’s Dreams. Homer of FYN + Charly of Darkwater Rising

Jungol was phenomenal as usual! It was hard to get shots this time, the only lights in the room were coming off the LCD panels on their keyboards. At this point my flash was long dead, so I had to use the on-camera flash, blinding everyone in the room every time it went off. I think Josh started closing his eyes because of my flash, sorry Josh! After a few songs I was tired, hot, covered in spilled beer, and pissing off the dancing naked gentlemen behind me…so I tapped out and sat back to enjoy the rest of the show.

Graham of Jungol

Josh of Jungol


Josh of Jungol

Josh of Jungol

Jason of Jungol

Yoder Twins Activate! Jungol draws a crowd.

Jun 27 2011

06.25.2011 Jungol

On June 25th, an epic concert broke out at Star Bar in Little 5 Points. A The Color, Winter Ransom, and Jungol came together and put on AMAZING show!

This was my first time seeing Jungol. I’ve met the Yoder brothers briefly a few times in the past, and I saw them perform one song at their Birthday Bash earlier this year, but this was my first time seeing them in concert.


These guys were phenomenal! I could only expect an awesome show when half the audience consisted of other bands who’ve all been praising about Jungol to me for months! Well, you guys definitely have a new fan!

Star Bar sold out, and the floor was PACKED by the time Jungol came on. It sounded so good next to the speakers and I was right next to Josh the whole time, so I decided not to change angles. I didn’t really think I could get anywhere else up close again if I left.


Homer, Rachel and Amanda prepping for Jungol’s Introduction.

Rachel’s Unraveling: Jungol’s Introduction.

Graham of Jungol.

Graham of Jungol.

Josh of Jungol.

Surprise Guest Drummer of Jungol.

Jason and Guest Drummer of Jungol.

Josh and Jason of Jungol.

Josh of Jungol.


Josh demands everyone drink!

Jordan of Winter Ransom sings with Jungol.

Jordan of Winter Ransom sings with Jungol.

Josh of Jungol.

Josh of Jungol.


Josh of Winter Ransom, Rachel of Disapyramids, and Josh of Jungol

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