Graphic Design

I have a BFA in graphic design and have worked in print, web, and film as a graphic designer and marketing specialist since 2004.



Georgia Institute of Technology

Video Producer + Sr. Graphic Designer

Help Professors and Instructional Designers create informational motion graphics to be used for online instruction and MOOC development. Create library of “stock” campus footage. Design and Develop IOS App using Adobe DPS for internal use by GT Professional Education.


Parody movie poster for GT Leadership Meeting

Darwin’s Burgers & Blues:

Identity + branding + web design + marketing + social media + photography.

Create and implement brand identity. Create and maintain social media presence. Build a community from scratch.


Ad for Cathead Vodka

Ad for Session Lager

Promotional Advertisement

Promotional Advertisement

Promotional Advertisement



Business Card

Binders Art Supplies:

Identity + graphic design + marketing

Create promotional flyers for print and in-house campaigns.

Promotional Flyer

Promotional Flyer

Promotional Flyer


Identity + branding + ad campaign + marketing + social media + content generation

Maintain brand identity, create and implement ad campaigns, maintain social media presence.


Monthly Email Campaign

Tradeshow Booth Triptych

Quickflix Video Series

Quickparts Blog

CNN: Exchange

Identity + branding + web design + ad campaign.

CNN Exchange was created to allow users to submit their own news stories, capitalizing on the “citizen journalism” craze. It is currently known as iReport.


Ad Campaign – Billboard

Ad Campaign – Kiosk


Downbeat Magazine

Identity, + branding + layout + photography.

New logo and look for Downbeat Magazine, a hobby magazine targetting Jazz enthusiasts.

Logo + Cover Design

BrainTrain Group

Identity + branding + photography.

The Brain Train is a planned train that will run from Athens to Atlanta. A full identity manual was created including logo use, and possible ad campaigns.


Identity Manual Page 2

Identity Manual Page 5

Identity Manual Page 6

Fish Store & More

Identity + branding.

Logo, stationary, and mockup for designer gift bag.


Stationary Design

Concept Acrylic Gift Bag

Takara Plum Wine

Identity + package design.

Rebranding for Takara Plum Wine.

Logo + Bottle Design

Bizet’s Carmen

Logo + photography + poster design.

The story of a young soldier who is betrayed by a gypsy flower girl who he has fallen in love with. A still life scene was meticulously set up with textured cloth, liquor and rose petals while lit with candlelight.

Logo + Poster Design