Nov 6 2011

10.04.2011 Stoney Brooks Band + Zydefunk

Stoney Brooks Band: My evening started off at Darwin’s with Stoney Brooks. I’d seen Stoney play at our Thursday Jam several times, and have always loved his Harmonica playing! But wow, he’s got a great voice! Stoney and his band were this year’s winners of the Atlanta Blues Competition! Using these awesome old acoustic instruments, these guys have an incredibly unique sound!

Stoney Brooks Band @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

Stoney Brooks Band @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

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Oct 15 2011

10.14.2011 Rosedale All Stars + Heather Luttrell + Lola Guley

Darwin’s Burgers and Blues: My evening started out at Darwin’s where I devoured 2 HMS Beagles while checking out The Rosedale AllStars. These guys were phenomenal!

Rosedale All Stars @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

Rosedale All Stars @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

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Oct 6 2011

10.05.2011 Mudcat

Northside Tavern – Wednesday I actually did not start at Darwin’s. I was about to leave when Lindsay showed up back at the house and offered to cook dinner. She made us a great spaghetti dinner and came out with me to Northside Tavern to meet Mary Raindrop to check out Mudcat’s set.

Wow, another incredible musician, Danny “Mudcat” Dudeck was phenomenal! He was just man-handling that old beat up acoustic guitar of his. It was an old, unlabeled acoustic guitar that looked like he screwed the pickup in himself. I saw him busting out some pretty cool note-bending techniques like de-tuning his guitar midsong, bending the neck, and even just shaking his guitar vigorously. It all sounded GREAT!

On top of that, he was just an incredibly entertaining performer. He’s so animate and personable on stage that I got my best shot of him within the first minute of shooting! From telling jokes, stories, and singing funny songs to “choreographed dancing” and smoking weed on stage…Mudcat is awesome. I would really love to get him out to Darwin’s!

Danny “Mudcat” Dudeck @ Northside Tavern

Hobo @ Northside Tavern

Mudcat and Hobo @ Northside Tavern

Mudcat and Dan Francis @ Northside Tavern