May 18 2011

05.16.2011 Visiting Farmer Wu

My old friend Johnny Wu quit his job at Yahoo! and is now learning to be a farmer at the University of Santa Cruz. I gave him a call and drove 2 hours to go check it out. I had a lot of fun eating strawberries and picking Aphids off Apple trees. The weather kinda sucked, but they fed me some of the most amazing food ever!

Upon arrival, they fed me a vegetarian meal of Curry potatoes, a vinaigrette salad, and some homemade bread. All of it was amazing! Later they gave us chocolate and ginger cookies and tea while we were out in the field. Seriously the best cookies I’ve ever had! I kept sneaking back for more, I must’ve eaten at least a dozen cookies.

Later we walked through their experimental garden and just ate fruit and veggies straight off the plants!

Lettuce Patch: They had one patch that had about 20+ different kinds of lettuce. We literally got on our hands and knees and started eating leaves from the ground. It was the best lettuce I’ve ever had in my life. Sweet and crunchy!

Strawberry Fields: Farmer J.Wu walking through the strawberry fields.

The Strawberry: The best/freshest strawberry I’ve ever tasted in my life!

Tiny Flowers:

The Orange Grove: This is their experimental garden where they grow many many varieties of…well everything. This particular section I got to try fresh Mandarin, blood, and nectarine oranges. They were amazing! I never knew oranges were crunchy.