Nov 13 2014

11.13.2014 Dancing in the Crossroads Poster

Poster design for upcoming indie Documentary by Brian Armstrong: Dancing in the Crossroads.

Dancing in the Crossroads Poster

Jul 8 2014

07.08.2014 Step Up Parody

One of our bosses has a catch phrase, “Step Up!” So I decided to make a poster parodying the “Step Up” movie posters. He ended up loving the poster and presented a printed and framed version at the GT Executive Leadership Meeting.

Step Up Parody Poster

Jul 1 2014

07.01.2014 Hey!Alligator CD Case

Photo shoot and Jewel case insert design for local Atlanta band Hey!Alligator.

Hey!Alligator CD

Apr 19 2014

04.19.2014 Jungol Light Painting

I got invited to one of Jungol’s rehearsals to shoot some promo shots for an upcoming project. We ended up doing a light painting that became their official press release!





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Dec 19 2013

12.19.2013 For Home and Country

Poster and DVD case design for local independent documentary: For Home and Country.

For Home and Country DVD Case

Jul 1 2013

07.01.2013 Homer and the Crazies

Poster design for local Atlanta band.

Homer and the Crazies Poster

Sep 18 2012

09.17.2012 Light Painting in the Woods

Light Painting in the Woods Shot with just a flashlight and some color gels, this picture is SOOC (Straight out of the Camera) No Photoshop tricks.

Apr 11 2012

03.31.2012 Darwin’s Group Photo Shoot

We’ve been featured in Lifestyle’s Magazine and needed a group shot with all of the staff. It took a few tries to get everyone together at the same time, but we finally got the shot! This isn’t the shot going in the magazine, but it was still my favorite:

The Darwin’s Family @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

Feb 21 2012

02.21.2012 More Flyers

I’ve been busy lately, making a slew of original flyers for various bands including Barry Richman, Melanie Denard, Truett Lollis and more! Check ’em out:

Barry Richman Flyer

Mardis Gras Flyer

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Jan 19 2012

01.19.2012 Waller Flyer

I did a photoshoot with the band Waller a while back. They just wanted some PR pictures, but it was such a good photo I really wanted to make a flyer out of it. I decided whip this up in my spare time:

Waller Flyer