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These are some landscape shots I’ve taken while traveling around the world.

Heaven: North Beach, Hawaii

Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco, California

Cliffside Sunset: Highway 1, California

Halo in the Sky: Forbidden City, China

Light Painting:

Everything on this page is SOOC (straight out of the camera). No Photoshop tricks here, but I can do that too! Check my design page for Photoshop stuff.

Vortex: No Photoshop here, this was done 100% in camera.

Homer: My musician friend wanted a portrait done with light painting.

Garrett on Fire: No Photoshop here. SOOC.

Portrait Photography:

Portrait photos can range from a simple snap from your desk, to a full-studio lighting setup with backdrops and props. Pricing depends on how complex the shot is you want.

Brandon by The Bridge: Portrait shot used as gift for mom.

Puzl and his Piece: Seattle artist poses by his freshly finished mural.

Izzie’s Arsenal: Upcoming model Izzie’s photo shoot

Event Photography:

Document your next wedding, sporting or corporate event with a photo essay, or send me on assignment to cover an event. Give me a call and get me a press pass!

Kevin and Pam: wedding.

Rally for Sanity: Jon Stewart Rally in Washington, DC.

GOAL! amateur soccer league game.

Food Photography:

Psh, studios. Who wants to take pictures of fake food you can’t eat! These were taken on-location in the kitchen, and they were all delcious! That’s REAL steam and REAL fire! Not Photoshop steam…

Beef Brisket: best brisket I’ve ever had!

Pork Ribs: look at that smoke ring!

Mac and Cheese being smoked on the grill.

Product Photography:

Product photography is all about lighting. My early photography years involved shooting inventory for online retailers. I’ve since had shots featured in magazines!

Ruby Hills Vineyard: product shot for Ruby Hills Vineyard

Macro Tube: Client needed detailed photo of aeration tubes within a tube.

Aluminum Part: Client needed clean-lit shot of machined part.

Pet Photography:

I’m not a fan of sitting your pet in front of a backdrop and taking a picture, I’ll find the shot of your happy friend in its natural setting, your home!

Sterling: shot in client’s living room.

Choc: shot in client’s backyard.

Colby: shot at a day on the lake.