Feb 16 2014

02.16.2014 Steph & Jon Wedding

Congratulations Steph and Jon! I had a blast shooting your lovely wedding!

Jon & Steph Wedding


Jon & Steph Wedding


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Jul 26 2013

07.26.2013 Niki & Andrew Wedding

Congratulations Niki and Andrew! I had a blast shooting your lovely wedding!

Niki & Andrew Wedding


Niki & Andrew Wedding


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Apr 11 2012

03.31.2012 Darwin’s Group Photo Shoot

We’ve been featured in Lifestyle’s Magazine and needed a group shot with all of the staff. It took a few tries to get everyone together at the same time, but we finally got the shot! This isn’t the shot going in the magazine, but it was still my favorite:

The Darwin’s Family @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

Jun 13 2011

06.10.2011 Boating @ Lake Lanier

Our friend Chris invited us to come out to Lake Lanier to hang out on the Pontoon Boat. It was supposed to rain, but we went anyways. We ended up being just outside of the storm for most of the day, it was great! 5 dogs, water, guitars, booze, and grilling steaks on the boat!

Chris and Lindsay

Sean and Akin docking the boat.

Sean cheers on Akin’s dive.

Colby’s on a boat!

Lindsay and Akin!

Colby wants in on the shot

Sean attempts a front flip.

Sleepy Little

Ray and his Guitar

Chris and his Guitar

Sittin on the back of a boat.

Lindsay and Akin

Buddy the Bulldog

Buddy the Bulldog

Delicious Boat Steaks!!

Dude, you’ve got your own steak!

Sunset Jam

Sunset on the lake

May 17 2011

05.15.2011 Kevin and Pam’s Wedding

Kevin and Pam’s wedding in Pleasanton, California @ Ruby Hill Vineyards.

Name Placecards

The Happy couple at the Altar

The Happy couple at the Altar

First Dance with the Newlyweds

Product shot I took while at the Vineyard