Hi, I’m Ray

I’m a graphic designer, a photographer, and a budding filmmaker with a BFA in Graphic Design as well as several years of experience in professional photography, web, print, and motion design.

If someone has called it “design”, I’ve probably done it before.

I’ve become accustomed to being the “One-Stop-Shop” guy. I’ve mostly worked for in-house design departments or had clients where I play the part of all roles: sales, strategist, marketing, writing, creative director, designer, director, camera operator, editor, programmer, package designer, app designer, user experience, and all-around decision maker. I’ve created marketing campaigns through print, web, film, and mobile devices and have done all the production steps in between.

My passion has always been film and I pull my creativity and style from movie, video, and motion design. I tend to think in 3-dimensions and am always ambitiously trying to figure out how to incorporate illusions and psychological tricks into my designs. Some of my biggest influences are MC Escher and Stefan Sagmeister, both notorious for creating depth through illusion.