May 25 2011

05.21.2011 iPhone Panoramas

Sometimes, my Sony just won’t do the trick. My iPhone came into GREAT use during my trip. Not only did it help me navigate between cities I’ve never been to, it also helped me capture panoramic shots on the fly! I’d had my iPhone for 2 weeks at this point, I must say, “This thing is pretty kickass.”

Panoramic shot of National Park.

Panoramic shot along Highway 1.

May 23 2011

05.21.2011 ElkHorn Kayaking

Saturday we stopped to kayak at Elkhorn Park on our way back to San Francisco. It was awesome getting to see all the animals up close.

Brandon checking out the Sealions.

Sealions along the water

Birds along the water

Sealions on the Pier

Sea Otter Mother and Pup.

May 22 2011

05.20.2011 Channel Islands Snorkeling

Friday we caught our boat and off we went to the Channel Islands! We took a one-hour boat ride to Santa Barbara Island. Unfortunately there was a big storm earlier in the week and it pretty much ruined all visibility along the West Coast for the whole week.

I was also an idiot and forgot to bring my contact lenses. I was so pissed at myself, but I figured out how to work around it with my glasses. We still had a blast and are planning for a camping/kayaking trip on a bigger island next time!

Ray, a wetsuit, and The Channel Islands.

Channel Islands beach.

Me and Brandon snorkeling @ The Channel Islands

This Red Fox kept following us throughout the day. He eventually ended up falling asleep next to Brandon.

Kelp forest, Cliffs, and the Kayaker.

May 21 2011

05.19.2011 Los Angeles

So we missed our boat to go snorkeling, we found out snorkeling in San Diego has been cancelled due to high currents, fuck it. Let’s go hang on the beach in L.A.

So that’s what we did. Bought a 12 pack of Tecate and drank it on the cold beach. Then we drunkenly stumbled around the boardwalk for a while and ended up at a corporate party for the night. Good times!

Pier at Huntington Beach.

Pier at Huntington Beach.

Chillin on Huntington Beach.We were determined to hang out at a beach despite the cold weather. You could tell who the tourists were, we were all in shorts.

Dirty seagull takes flight.

Leaving Los Angeles

May 20 2011

05.18.2011 Road Trippin

Wednesday we set out on our road trip from San Fran. We headed towards Santa Cruz again and hopped on Highway 1 from there. We stopped anywhere that looked like it had a nice view and whatever parks we came across.

Beaches! Stopped along Highway 1, just south of Santa Cruz.

Pointe Lobos ReserveHiking at the State Reserve.

Sealion’s Dock Boat dock near Santa Cruz.

Sunset exiting Highway 1. This little squirrel kept following me. He’d stop when I stopped and would start foraging. When I walked forward, he followed.

Sunset exiting Highway 1.

May 19 2011

05.17.2011 Brandon’s Soccer Game

My friend Brandon had a soccer game Tuesday night while I was in San Fran, so I decided to try my hand at sports photography. Unfortunately it was freezing cold and raining, so I didn’t quite get the shots I wanted. My camera was just dripping wet and my hands were shaking the whole time.

They won this match and had to play another, I stole Brandon’s lady friend and took her to a bar instead of sticking around…

Goin for the goal.


B’s got the Ball

Brothers Goldman ShowAfter I stole Brandon’s girl and ditched the soccer game for warmer environments, we found these guys playing a live show at The Boom Boom Room down the street. They put on a great show! I was more focused on drinking and socializing over taking too many pics though.

Brothers Goldman Show

May 18 2011

05.16.2011 Visiting Farmer Wu

My old friend Johnny Wu quit his job at Yahoo! and is now learning to be a farmer at the University of Santa Cruz. I gave him a call and drove 2 hours to go check it out. I had a lot of fun eating strawberries and picking Aphids off Apple trees. The weather kinda sucked, but they fed me some of the most amazing food ever!

Upon arrival, they fed me a vegetarian meal of Curry potatoes, a vinaigrette salad, and some homemade bread. All of it was amazing! Later they gave us chocolate and ginger cookies and tea while we were out in the field. Seriously the best cookies I’ve ever had! I kept sneaking back for more, I must’ve eaten at least a dozen cookies.

Later we walked through their experimental garden and just ate fruit and veggies straight off the plants!

Lettuce Patch: They had one patch that had about 20+ different kinds of lettuce. We literally got on our hands and knees and started eating leaves from the ground. It was the best lettuce I’ve ever had in my life. Sweet and crunchy!

Strawberry Fields: Farmer J.Wu walking through the strawberry fields.

The Strawberry: The best/freshest strawberry I’ve ever tasted in my life!

Tiny Flowers:

The Orange Grove: This is their experimental garden where they grow many many varieties of…well everything. This particular section I got to try fresh Mandarin, blood, and nectarine oranges. They were amazing! I never knew oranges were crunchy.

May 17 2011

05.15.2011 Kevin and Pam’s Wedding

Kevin and Pam’s wedding in Pleasanton, California @ Ruby Hill Vineyards.

Name Placecards

The Happy couple at the Altar

The Happy couple at the Altar

First Dance with the Newlyweds

Product shot I took while at the Vineyard

May 16 2011

05.14.2011 San Fran Tourist

My first day in San Fran, my buddy took me around town to see some of the sites. It was more walking and checking out shops than photography. I did get a couple of shots.

Hiked a mile on the beach to get this landscape photo from a rock cliff on the “other side” of the bridge.

The Exploratorium in San Francisco

“Rolling Through the Bay” is a sculpture made entirely of toothpicks that took 35 years to build!

Closeup of “Rolling Through the Bay” Exhibit