Apr 19 2014

04.19.2014 Jungol Light Painting

I got invited to one of Jungol’s rehearsals to shoot some promo shots for an upcoming project. We ended up doing a light painting that became their official press release!





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Feb 14 2013

02.13.2013 Kaitlin Light Painting

Kaitlin This picture is SOOC (Straight out of the Camera) No Photoshop tricks.

Dec 5 2012

12.04.2012 The Tree Light Painting

The Tree Shot with just a spotlight and some color gels, this picture is SOOC (Straight out of the Camera) No Photoshop tricks.

Sep 18 2012

09.17.2012 Light Painting in the Woods

Light Painting in the Woods Shot with just a flashlight and some color gels, this picture is SOOC (Straight out of the Camera) No Photoshop tricks.

Jul 5 2012

06.04.2012 July 4th Light Painting

July 4th Light Painting Happy Birthday Light Painting with Lindsay, this picture is SOOC (Straight out of the Camera) No Photoshop tricks.

Mar 15 2012

03.10.2012 ESL Mural Shoot

Seattle Mural Artist Eras is back in town for a bit, doing a new piece at Eastside Lounge in East Atlanta. Eras invited me out for a few beers and to hang out while he finished his piece. I was able to snap a portrait and do a light painting with it, check it out:

Eras and his Mural

Mural Light Painting

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Jan 25 2012

01.23.2012 Light Painting

It’s been called “Silent Hill Night”. Monday had a ridiculous amount of fog, so I decided “Backyard Light Painting Time!” I had some help from Lindsay and Akin for this one:

Its a Foggy Night in Georgia

Jan 17 2012

01.17.2012 Light Painting Location Scouting

I spotted several promising locations while driving around Marietta and went to check them out last night. Pretty disappointing unfortunately. 3 of the 4 were far too close to a major road for my comfort, and the 4th was sealed up pretty good and I couldn’t get in. I did manage to grab a few pictures from one location:

Location Scouting

Location Scouting

Dec 14 2011

12.12.2011 Light Painting

A friend of mine has been checking out my light paintings and invited me up to his workplace to use as a shooting location: a Fire Station! I had a blast and will probably return to do more shoots at a later time. I’d like to thank my friend as well as all the Firemen I got to meet while I was there.

Bay Doors (2 layer composite) @ The Fire Station

Burning Rubber @ The Fire Station

Dec 1 2011

11.30.2011 Light Painting

I’m loving Wednesdays these days, finally back in my element in a dark location with my camera and a handful of lights! I’ve missed light painting, and I’m cranking out some cool stuff these days!

All of these photos are SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera). No Photoshop trickery or editing has been done. We used a long exposure and various sources of colored lights and techniques to achieve the effects we wanted. Keep an eye out, we’ll be doing this regularly!

1 Dragonbird 2 Tripods
Taken in the main stage auditorium at Relapse Theater. Multiple exposure shot using 2 tripods, a flashlight and 2 color gels. Click on “read more” at the bottom to see the original sculpture.

Tree of Night Spotted this cool tree hiking to a location.

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