Nov 24 2011

11.23.2011 Light Painting

It’s been a crazy week, to see what I’ve been up to check out! Last night I met up with Kamil again for some more light painting. We scouted this location out last week but didn’t actually do anything with it. We were out here for 4 hours in the cold, but we figured out some new techniques and got some awesome shots!

All of these photos are SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera). No Photoshop trickery or editing has been done. We used a long exposure and various sources of colored lights and techniques to achieve the effects we wanted. Keep an eye out, we’ll be doing this regularly!

Eye of Fire


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Nov 20 2011

11.16.2011 Light Painting

11.16.2011 – Wednesday, I met up with Kamil of Pantau Photo to go do some light painting. He took me around to a few awesome spots around town and we got some great shots! Check ’em out:

Light Painting in Atlanta

Light Painting in Atlanta

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Nov 15 2011

10.08.2011 – 10.12.2011: Darwin’s + Hijacking Festival + Nik’s

Little G Weevil – 10.08.2011 @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues. Little G is not just a musician, he’s an entertainer! G knows how to put on a good show and make sure everyone in the room is having a good time. Every week G has been bringing up a new guest, and this week we got 3! Ana Howells, Danny Vinson, and Beau Hall!

Ana and G Weevil @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

Ana and G Weevil @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

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Sep 18 2011

Light Painting

I thought I’d take a break from posting new stuff and showcase some of my old stuff. I got into light-painting for a few months a while back and wanted to show some of my stuff to those of you who haven’t seen it. All of these photos were taken SOC (Straight Out of the Camera). No Photoshop tricks, just me and a camera…and some close friends who let me boss them around in the pitch black.

Light painting is simply painting into the camera with light. Instead of brushes or pens, I use different types of light from flashlights to LEDs tied to wires. I posted these in basically chronological order so you can see how I improved over time.

Light Painting Gear contents of my gear bag.

Early Experiment


2-Color Orb



Tree & Orb


Electric Portal


Magic Hands

Multiple Exposure Shot

Sean vs. Harper

Ray vs. Harper

Sean vs. Akin

Lindsay vs. The World



Garrett on Fire

Akin vs. Garrett

Flashlight Freehand

Homer’s Ring of Fire

Savannah Church

SCAD Theater

Abandoned Hotel Pool

Jul 6 2011

07.02.2011 Weekend in Savannah.

We decided Thursday to take a trip to Savannah for July 4th weekend. I’d never been to Savannah and someone else was driving, I’M IN! We arrived at midnight Friday and wandered the streets drinking smoothies from Wet Willie’s. They convinced me to take a night off and leave the camera. It was a cool vibe! At 2am the streets were still crowded with families and street musicians!

Saturday the photography began, so did the drinking. Our first stop was The Tea Room where we started our day with a pot of Flaming Dragon Oolong. The waitress spooned brandy onto a sugar cube and lit it on fire!

After that was going through gallery after gallery of local painters and checking out the art scene. I’d like to give mention to David Patterson, the phenomenal sketch artist and Thomas Kinkade, “painter of light”.

We had a great Seafood and Alcoholic Lemonade lunch, I ordered a Crab Bisque and Crab Cakes. The food was so good I actually forgot to take pictures of my entree! After lunch we drank at the pool for a while…finally ending the night with some Savannah Light Painting! Not so much drawing, but playing with filters and such.

Savannah was a cool place, but we didn’t really get to explore too much since we were only there for 2 days and partying most of the time. Next time, I want to check out the Historic District near SCAD campus. Light Painting!

SCAD Theater at night. SOOC – Straight out of Camera.

Savannah Park

Flaming Dragon Oolong from The Tea Room

Chocolate Covered Pretzels


Crab Bisque that made me forget to take pictures!

Smoke Break

Self Portrait in the Pool

Ray Underwater.

Sean Underwater.

Savannah Bay Bridge taken from our hotel roof.

Savannah Church SOOC – Straight out of Camera.

Abandoned Pool SOOC – Straight out of Camera.

Savannah Bay Bridge SOOC – Straight out of Camera.