Nov 25 2014

10.31.2014 Bird Mountain Halloween

I had a blast helping out with the Halloween Event at The Goat Farm Arts Center this year! I helped plan, build, and film Jungol’s newest art project called, “Bird Mountain”.

Jungol | Bird Mountain | shot by Raymond Chang

Nov 23 2014

2014 Demo Reel

I’ve been doing motion graphics and videography this past year, check out my demo reel!

Raymond Chang 2014 Demo Reel.

Jul 8 2014

07.08.2014 Step Up Parody

One of our bosses has a catch phrase, “Step Up!” So I decided to make a poster parodying the “Step Up” movie posters. He ended up loving the poster and presented a printed and framed version at the GT Executive Leadership Meeting.

Step Up Parody Poster

Jul 1 2014

07.01.2014 Hey!Alligator CD Case

Photo shoot and Jewel case insert design for local Atlanta band Hey!Alligator.

Hey!Alligator CD

Apr 19 2014

04.19.2014 Jungol Light Painting

I got invited to one of Jungol’s rehearsals to shoot some promo shots for an upcoming project. We ended up doing a light painting that became their official press release!





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Feb 16 2014

02.16.2014 Steph & Jon Wedding

Congratulations Steph and Jon! I had a blast shooting your lovely wedding!

Jon & Steph Wedding


Jon & Steph Wedding


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Jul 26 2013

07.26.2013 Niki & Andrew Wedding

Congratulations Niki and Andrew! I had a blast shooting your lovely wedding!

Niki & Andrew Wedding


Niki & Andrew Wedding


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Jul 1 2013

07.01.2013 Homer and the Crazies

Poster design for local Atlanta band.

Homer and the Crazies Poster

Feb 14 2013

02.13.2013 Kaitlin Light Painting

Kaitlin This picture is SOOC (Straight out of the Camera) No Photoshop tricks.

Dec 5 2012

12.04.2012 The Tree Light Painting

The Tree Shot with just a spotlight and some color gels, this picture is SOOC (Straight out of the Camera) No Photoshop tricks.