Nov 9 2014

11.09.2014 Blood Mountain, GA

A few weeks ago, my good friend Jon (the guy in every shot) lead me on an awesome ride through Blood Mountain in North Georgia! I took my GoPro along, got some shots, and finally finished editing it all together, Enjoy the scenery!

Blood Mountain, GA

Nov 8 2014

11.08.2014 Contraption Music Video

I spent one evening testing out my GoPro with a helmet mount, I liked the shots so much I decided to play around with editing to my friend’s old band: Contraption.

I present what resulted as an unofficial music video for an old forgotten Atlanta band.

Contraption – Wet Dream (unofficial music video)

Oct 11 2014

10.11.2014 Drones Poster

I came up with this idea randomly one night and my roommate convinced me to create it. It took a few weeks, but hopefully some people will get a laugh out of it!

Drones Poster

Jul 8 2014

07.08.2014 Step Up Parody

One of our bosses has a catch phrase, “Step Up!” So I decided to make a poster parodying the “Step Up” movie posters. He ended up loving the poster and presented a printed and framed version at the GT Executive Leadership Meeting.

Step Up Parody Poster

Jul 1 2014

07.01.2014 Hey!Alligator CD Case

Photo shoot and Jewel case insert design for local Atlanta band Hey!Alligator.

Hey!Alligator CD

Apr 19 2014

04.19.2014 Jungol Light Painting

I got invited to one of Jungol’s rehearsals to shoot some promo shots for an upcoming project. We ended up doing a light painting that became their official press release!





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Feb 16 2014

02.16.2014 Steph & Jon Wedding

Congratulations Steph and Jon! I had a blast shooting your lovely wedding!

Jon & Steph Wedding


Jon & Steph Wedding


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Dec 19 2013

12.19.2013 For Home and Country

Poster and DVD case design for local independent documentary: For Home and Country.

For Home and Country DVD Case

Jul 26 2013

07.26.2013 Niki & Andrew Wedding

Congratulations Niki and Andrew! I had a blast shooting your lovely wedding!

Niki & Andrew Wedding


Niki & Andrew Wedding


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Jul 1 2013

07.01.2013 Homer and the Crazies

Poster design for local Atlanta band.

Homer and the Crazies Poster