Jun 11 2018

2018 Demo Reel

Mar 12 2016

My First Portrait Paintings!!

Cross another one off the bucket list, paint a portrait! I was rewatching Fight Club for the millionth time and decided to pull out my paints. By the end of the night I had a poor rendition of Edward Norton. Over the next few weeks, I massaged, redrew, and repainted it until it actually resembled him! I went on a streak after that and decided to paint some faces of people who inspire me. Each of these took about 3-4 weeks…

#5 Edward Norton

#6: Hayao Miyazaki

#7: Maynard James Keenan

#8 Trent Reznor

Aug 26 2015

2015 Show Reel

This past year I’ve shot a few short films, worked on an independent film, and filmed a few live art events, check it out!

Raymond Chang 2015 Show Reel.

Aug 17 2015

08.16.2015 Pulp Ricktion

Finished painting #4! Pulp Fiction Evil Rick and Morty in Mr. Goldenfold’s living room. Acrylic on Canvas.

Jul 31 2015

07.31.2015 DIY Dolly

Been having stability issues with a hallway tracking shot and no $$$. DIY Dolly, w00t! ‪#‎raysfirstshortfilm‬

Jul 2 2015

06.06.2015 FOOFARAW II @ Ponce City Market

Got the chance to shoot my friends’ performance art piece at Ponce City Market! Check out Jungol’s Foofaraw II!

Jungol | Foofaraw II

Jan 8 2015

01.08.2015 R.I.P. Charb

In light of the recent attacks at Charlie Hebdo, I’ve jumped back into creating webcomics. This one is in honor of the editor Charb who bravely stood his ground against terrorists in the name of Freedom of Speech. Stay tuned, I have more comics coming!


Nov 25 2014

10.31.2014 Bird Mountain Halloween

I had a blast helping out with the Halloween Event at The Goat Farm Arts Center this year! I helped plan, build, and film Jungol’s newest art project called, “Bird Mountain”.

Jungol | Bird Mountain | shot by Raymond Chang

Nov 23 2014

2014 Demo Reel

I’ve been doing motion graphics and videography this past year, check out my demo reel!

Raymond Chang 2014 Demo Reel.

Nov 13 2014

11.13.2014 Dancing in the Crossroads Poster

Poster design for upcoming indie Documentary by Brian Armstrong: Dancing in the Crossroads.

Dancing in the Crossroads Poster