What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done for a photo?

This question was posed in the photography forum on Reddit. I decided it would make a good blog post. 2 things IMMEDIATELY came to mind:

1: I was shooting around Georgia State for a graphic design project. The project was to create a series of postcards that immediately said, “Georgia State”. I decided to take a series of perspective shots of the buildings around campus. To get one particular shot, I had to lay down in the road in the middle of a busy intersection. My gf helped stop traffic for about 15 seconds enough for me to run over, lay down in the street, and get the shot.

Laying in the street to get this.

2: I was trying to get a shot of my buddy before he shot a .357 magnum. I thought it was understood that he was not supposed to fire the gun, but there was some confusion and he fired a .357 magnum about 2 feet from my face as I was moving towards him. It startled the shit out of me enough to click the button and get the shot. I was pretty shaken up after that.

Gettin shot at to get this.

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