Light Painting

I thought I’d take a break from posting new stuff and showcase some of my old stuff. I got into light-painting for a few months a while back and wanted to show some of my stuff to those of you who haven’t seen it. All of these photos were taken SOC (Straight Out of the Camera). No Photoshop tricks, just me and a camera…and some close friends who let me boss them around in the pitch black.

Light painting is simply painting into the camera with light. Instead of brushes or pens, I use different types of light from flashlights to LEDs tied to wires. I posted these in basically chronological order so you can see how I improved over time.

Light Painting Gear contents of my gear bag.

Early Experiment


2-Color Orb



Tree & Orb


Electric Portal


Magic Hands

Multiple Exposure Shot

Sean vs. Harper

Ray vs. Harper

Sean vs. Akin

Lindsay vs. The World



Garrett on Fire

Akin vs. Garrett

Flashlight Freehand

Homer’s Ring of Fire

Savannah Church

SCAD Theater

Abandoned Hotel Pool

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