07.20.2011 A Perfect Circle (iPhone Shots)

One morning 5 months ago, I was sitting in a cubicle in an office avoiding responsibilities for a morning in order to continuously click a button so I could get in an imaginary line to wait for A Perfect Circle tickets. Well it paid off and I got to see Maynard for a third time, but more excitedly I got to see Billy Howardel for the FIRST time!

After many many failed attempts, I gave up trying to get my camera in the venue. I almost got kicked out for taking a couple of shots from my phone, but even those didn’t turn out too well.

Aside from asshole Live Nation security and $6 Yeunglings, I had a blast meeting the Japanese Punk band Red Bacteria Vacuum.

I loved seeing APC, although their set was a little underwhelming. I was warned ahead of time that they’d be playing mostly stuff from eMotive, but it just seemed like the band was a little tired. After the first song they announced they ha been traveling all day and had just arrived in Atlanta. All in all, I was very happy to hear my favorites off of 13th Step performed live! Billy was AMAZING live!

A Perfect Circle blurry @ The Tabernacle

Why am I Smiling? Me and Homer w/ Red Bacteria Vacuum

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