May 21 2011

05.19.2011 Los Angeles

So we missed our boat to go snorkeling, we found out snorkeling in San Diego has been cancelled due to high currents, fuck it. Let’s go hang on the beach in L.A.

So that’s what we did. Bought a 12 pack of Tecate and drank it on the cold beach. Then we drunkenly stumbled around the boardwalk for a while and ended up at a corporate party for the night. Good times!

Pier at Huntington Beach.

Pier at Huntington Beach.

Chillin on Huntington Beach.We were determined to hang out at a beach despite the cold weather. You could tell who the tourists were, we were all in shorts.

Dirty seagull takes flight.

Leaving Los Angeles

May 20 2011

05.18.2011 Road Trippin

Wednesday we set out on our road trip from San Fran. We headed towards Santa Cruz again and hopped on Highway 1 from there. We stopped anywhere that looked like it had a nice view and whatever parks we came across.

Beaches! Stopped along Highway 1, just south of Santa Cruz.

Pointe Lobos ReserveHiking at the State Reserve.

Sealion’s Dock Boat dock near Santa Cruz.

Sunset exiting Highway 1. This little squirrel kept following me. He’d stop when I stopped and would start foraging. When I walked forward, he followed.

Sunset exiting Highway 1.

May 16 2011

05.14.2011 San Fran Tourist

My first day in San Fran, my buddy took me around town to see some of the sites. It was more walking and checking out shops than photography. I did get a couple of shots.

Hiked a mile on the beach to get this landscape photo from a rock cliff on the “other side” of the bridge.

The Exploratorium in San Francisco

“Rolling Through the Bay” is a sculpture made entirely of toothpicks that took 35 years to build!

Closeup of “Rolling Through the Bay” Exhibit