Apr 29 2012

04.28.2012 Truett Lollis Photoshoot

I got the chance to do a photoshoot with the Truett Lollis Trio, an up and coming Blues Band out of Marietta, GA!

Truett Lollis Trio


Truett Lollis Trio


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Mar 28 2012

03.25.2012 Food Porn

Sunday is our only “day off” at Darwin’s and we have our weekly ritual. We eat something really tasty, then we have our weekly business meeting. This week Akin came up with a new pepper rub he wanted to try on some steaks we had alongside grilled veggies and yellow rice. DELICIOUS!!

Chef Akin’s Grilled Steaks

Chef Akin’s Grilled Steaks on the patio.

Feb 21 2012

02.21.2012 More Flyers

I’ve been busy lately, making a slew of original flyers for various bands including Barry Richman, Melanie Denard, Truett Lollis and more! Check ’em out:

Barry Richman Flyer

Mardis Gras Flyer

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Jan 19 2012

01.19.2012 Waller Flyer

I did a photoshoot with the band Waller a while back. They just wanted some PR pictures, but it was such a good photo I really wanted to make a flyer out of it. I decided whip this up in my spare time:

Waller Flyer

Jan 17 2012

01.17.2012 Swamp Funk Flyer design

I made a flyer for another upcoming band at Darwin’s. They didn’t have a hi-resolution image available, so I just made the flyer from scratch based on a painting the band was using as their profile picture. I thought it came out pretty good!

Swamp Funk Quartet @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

Jan 4 2012

01.04.2012 More Flyers

New flyers for Andrew Black and Little G Weevil, I had fun with these!

Andrew Black

Little G Weevil

Dec 29 2011

12.29.2011 Ray Chang Flyer

I’ve been on this kick of making flyers lately, so I decided it was about time I made one for myself! I still haven’t decided if I want to put flyers up with my goofy face on it, but it makes me laugh.

Who’s that goofy-looking asian kid?

Dec 29 2011

12.28.2011 Cazanovas Flyer

Created a brand new flyer for The Cazanovas! They’ll be getting a blank one for their other shows, but I put the Darwin’s info up for our own show.

Flyer for The Cazanovas

Dec 23 2011

12.23.2011 Nathan Morgan Flyer

Another flyer design! I thought it came out pretty good for only being given a lo-res image and Bleeding Cowboy logo.

Flyer for Nathan Morgan

Dec 14 2011

12.13.2011 Flyer Designs

I’ve been working on creating a new look for the flyers at Darwin’s. It’s been fun diving back into some real graphic design and dirtying up my clean designs. Oh grungy-distressed look…how I’ve missed you! Check out my stuff:

Flyer for Eric Culberson

Flyer for New Years

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